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Potage ... in France and Taiwan


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Potage ... in France and Taiwan

rworange | May 16, 2007 07:31 PM

I'm more interested in Taiwan.

There is a local Taiwanese restarant that serves pork, shrimp and squid potage ... three different soups.

A poster on the SF board wrote ...

" potage soup is a very Taiwanese dish. It's basically noodle soup that is thickened with potato starch. Generally vinegar is added. It comes with either meat covered with this starch or squid covered with the starch ... I would recommend you to try if you don't have an aversion to texture (it's slightly gummy)"

So I ordered the pork potage ... my goodness ... I've never had anything like this before. I am not exactly a dainty eater, but I'm really glad I ordered this take out because the richness is more than I could handle .. I ate about a quarter of a cup and could not manage another spoonful because I was just too full.

I would have bet anything that it would have turned to solid gelatin overnight in the fridge ... but no ... it doens't seem to be fat-based. It remained liquid.

So what can you tell me about this. It seems from the few web refrences that squid and shrimp are the most common in Taiwan ... so I'm going for squid next.

In France, potage seems to be the name of thick soups like Potage St. Germain (Pea Soup). Usually they are cream-based ... sort of the French version of cream of celery or potato soup.

I'm wondering if the version in Taiwan has any connection to France.

Just a little from Wiki which notes a connection to the Middle Ages.

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