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Could we please have more posts on Babbo?

racer x | Jun 14, 200807:59 PM

Perhaps this issue has been discussed before, so forgive me if I am rehashing something that has already been covered.

I don't know whether a similar phenomenon exists on other regional boards, but it seems that at any given time lately there are at least a half dozen threads dedicated to Babbo on the Manhattan board. Now, I harbor no ill will for that fine establishment. But so many threads on a single restaurant seems a bit much.

There are some great tips in the "New to the Manhattan board? Read this first" sticky thread. Unfortunately, it seems that many posters either aren't reading it or are ignoring it. I'm not sure what the best way to handle this might be. Perhaps the key information within that thread would be put to better use if it appeared within a popup box on the right side of the screen whenever someone new to the board clicks on "Add New Topic."

Or am I alone in feeling a need to vent about this?

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