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About Posting Recipes on Chowhound


General Discussion

About Posting Recipes on Chowhound

The Chowhound Team | Nov 17, 2003 06:22 PM

This is the season for recipe sharing, and we love to have people exchange their cooking experience and knowlege here on the General Topics board.

If you want to share a recipe here, PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING:

Chowhound recipe posting policy:

1. If a recipe is available on the web, we ask that you post a link to the recipe instead of including the recipe in your post.

2. We cannot allow any verbatim posts of previously published material, whether on the internet, in a periodical, or in a book (unless you own the copyright of that published material), for legal reasons.

3. If you want to share a previously-published recipe that cannot be linked to: You may include the ingredient list verbatim, without changes in content or format. You must paraphrase the instructions (rewrite in your own words). We are not asking you to leave anything out (please don't!), but you must not simply retype the recipe as it appears in its original, published form. Please also name the source of the recipe.

If you have any questions about this message or our policy, please do not ask them in this thread; instead, post your questions on the Site Talk board.

Thank you, and happy cooking and eating!


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