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Last Post or Date Started?

PaulF | Mar 22, 201209:02 AM

I'm curious to know if people elect to keep their CH setting on Last Post or Date Started?

I've always kept it on Last Post. But I decided I hate opening "new" threads that are actually bumped up threads from 2005 or whatever. (I'd love to know why people feel the need to post a response to years-old threads -- especially when they are answering a question like "I'll be in L.A. over the weekend and need a vegetarian-friendly French restaurant ... because if the question was posted in 2004 it's pretty likely the original poster has come and gone from L.A.)

I started thinking that it would be great if, along with seeing a date stamp for the most recent post, there was also a date stamp for the original post -- even if your setting is on Last Post and not Date Started -- because I personally would like to avoid wasting my time reading old threads that have been bumped to the top.

But before I made that suggestion, I figured I'd give Date Started a try.

Does anyone else keep their setting on Date Started and do you find that preferable to Last Post?

(You can tell I'm on deadline at work, because a post like this is half genuine curiosity and interest and about half "i need to keep procrastinating.)

Thanks for indulging me ... truly interested in the responses.

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