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The Chowhound Team | Jan 10, 2005 04:16 PM

Folks, guarding against "shills" (fake testimonials) is our top priority. But if you accuse people publicly, you just antagonize the innocent and elicit huffy denials from the guilty. It leads to flame wars and is off-topic. As we state in our message rules:

"Restaurateurs (and their friends, employees, and families) who post phony testimonials--or recruit shills to do same--will be uncovered and publicly embarrassed. Any subsequent endorsements of the restaurant will be considered suspicious and deleted. We fight hard to preserve the site's reputation for integrity and the trustworthiness of opinions contained herein."

We are looking into some of the possibly dishonest posts on this board and if we find evidence of shilling, we'll remove those restaurants from our discussion boards.

If you have suspicions about a posting, please send the URL to us at (save that address!) and we'll investigate. Please don't post anything here on the board about your suspicions. Better to handle it quietly rather than disrupt the chow talk. And we appreciate your help.

This is just an announcement; replies will be deleted so we can keep this board focused on discussing chow, rather than discussing the discussion of chow.

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