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Our Portland trip and reviews...

Anastasia | Jun 15, 200805:14 PM     2

Hey all,
Just back from our 7 day foodie excursion to Portland Maine. We had a blast. Portland and it's surrounding areas are amazingly beautiful. Just wanted to give a huge shout out of THANK YOU to everyone who suggested eats for our trip and let you know how it went.

Bar Lola- amazing dinner and great prices...also just steps from the condo we rented so it was ideal! Had a great meal.

555- It was nice. A bit expensive for the portions. I had the sample menu, husband had a few dishes. We didn't leave hungry mind you, but just thought overall the portions were a tad small for what we paid. Service was very attentive and not snotty at all.

Miyake- Sushi great here, but the atmosphere was a bit cramped. But we liked a lot.

Yosaku- Pretty good. Sat outside, great patio to sit outside. Sushi rolls we ordered were a bit too large, but fish was fresh and I had the most "interesting" salad of sticky beans and tuna, and quail egg...a must try...interesting texture. Uni was very fresh here and delish!

Fuji- Husband had sushi which was great and I had Bibmbap...both were very tasty. Loved that my egg on top was runny, most places ( around us) won't make the egg up anymore. Only complaint was that it was SUPER warm inside (and out) and the table they gave us was directly outside the kitchen door. Peeking in every 2 seconds wasn't fun, and noticing that it wasn't the cleanest kitchen was also a little unsettling.... but it just could be an off night for them.....I am sure that there are a LOT of kitchens we don't see, and we probably wouldn't want to know after we ate...LOL

Mims- We ate here our first night out. We got lost walking around ( we were under the impression that Sunday night we could just walk down Congress and find 10 restaurants)..in any event, we ate outside here and it was quite good. I had very tasty house smoked salmon and a great mussel dish. Husband had pate plate (which was awesome) and the Idhao Brown Trout which was good but way too much butter.

Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth- Who cares about the food, the view,,,,the view...the view...but yes the lobster roll was tasty...

We also ate at the Lobster House in Portland which was great for a quick bite and to eat outside.

Street & Co- AMAZING. Great fresh fish and I LOVE that you can order it just broiled....not covered in sauce or anything else...service amazing too. Loved the open kitchen idea.

Duckfat- just went for the fries....the most amazing fries I have EVER had....I SWEAR!!

Standard Baking Co- OH MY, the Ham & Cheese croissant....amazing, we also bought a couple of loaves of bread here, with some oil and caviar at Brown Trading and a bottle of wine and sat outside at the park in Cape Elizabeth....the name of the park escapes me now (something head light???), but its the park where you can walk up to the lighthouse and has the beach parking below. With AMAZING views. Also bought some pate and spread to enjoy at the Portland Market.

Never got to Fore Street, too packed when we tried and we were starving, so we unfortunately missed that we also missed Carolas, Evangelines, Pons and Thai Taste, Sillys, and Thanh Thanh2, oh we missed Local 188 too...I thought for sure we could hit them all...but alas, another trip to Portland is in order in the fall. Hopefully this time we will rent a house on the ocean instead of in town to enjoy the water...

THANKS TO ALL who gave me their advice I appreciate it soo soo much and we had a terrific time in Portland
oh and ps. we loved the brewery too, great beer at Shipyard.....


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