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Portion control at a dinner party

ZoeZ | Jan 17, 201207:58 AM

We have friends who truly do engage in portion control at dinner parties - ie one piece of meat per person. A friend also reports that they are often invited to a dinner party and his wife says, Stan don't forget to take just one piece of chicken (otherwise the guys at the end of the table will be starving.

Went to visit a relative of Mme Zoe's years ago together with her bro and SIL. Mme Zoe's family are Danish and also very big eaters. Lunch was set for six and hostess had made Danish meat loaf about the size of a soup can accompanied by potato salad in a tiny glass dessert cup plus some homemade bread Danish style. Bro in law's eyes fell out of his head - we had a miniscule lunch, sat around "admiring" hosts really dreadful art and then took off to the nearest coffee shop. Still talking about this twenty years later.

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