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All About Porridge (aka congee, polenta, shugo, okayu, uji, nasi lemak, dalia, chao bo, lugaw, mush, farina, etc)

rworange | Jan 7, 201011:48 AM

I've been trying to perfect a oatmeal congee over the past few weeks. In the process learned a lot about the different types of porridge.

How to define porridge? I think this site says it best ...

"Just about any grain makes a good porridge. The key is to cook them longer than you would were you to serve the same grain for dinner, and in more water"

Wiki has a pretty good list of porridge across different cultures, using different grains. I might disupte some of them. I think atole is more of a corn gruel rather than porridge.

Even better is this article from the SF Chronicle which has a few recipes at the end.

Morning comfort / From Irish oatmeal to Chinese congee to Mexican champurrado every cuisine offers steaming bowls of cereal to stave off winter's chill

The writer says " just about every culture around the world has its own version of porridge and many are far from bland. They're perked up with fiery chiles pungent fish sauce sweet fruit preserves; enriched with coconut milk chocolate or cream; or bathed in broths of saffron or ginger."

There was a good topic on Chowhound about three years ago that focused on Asian porridge

jook (congee), okayu, porridge, gruel

I finally perfected my oatmeal congee.

I suppose I could call it porridge, but these days that usually means a sweet breakfast dish, especially when using oats. Also, I was going more for the texture and flavor of rice congee. I think, and I might be wrong, that oats have a little more nutritional value that rice.

Anyway, what is your favorite type of porridge?

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