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Help- Pork Sirloin cooking

e_bone | Jan 12, 2008 11:14 AM

I'm going to sound like a Know-Nothing when I tell my fellow hounders this but I have no ego where cooking is concerned and need some help to rescue a roast.

I usually buy pork butt roast (shoulder) or ribs and do a very slow moist cook after seasoning and then finish in a smoker.. it's lazy barbecue basically with less smoke flavoring but still adequate. By moist cooking I mean that my roast sits in a perforated tray above a water/vinegar/juice/bay mixture at 225 for 5 hours or so depending on size.

Well, today the butt roasts were all Flintsones-sized and I wanted something a little more modest. I didn't want to do ribs cuz I just wasn't in the mood for THAT much fat...

I bought a sirloin roast thinking it was "similar looking" to a butt roast.

I got home and started my string of mistakes:
1) I didn't review ingredients before starting to cook
2) I untwined it in order to season it (and of course found it was in two pieces)
3) I seasoned it and put it in the oven (as above) and THEN went online to read about sirloin roasts- whoops- they are lean

So- it's not fatty enough for my technique above I assume and is going to be dry as dust. Ideas to help going forward?

Should I abbreviate the slow cook (2 hours or so) and then smoke and just get it extra wet with sauce to compensate for lack of fat and tenderness?

Should I remove from oven, retie it and cook as a normal sirloin roast recipe suggests?

Should I remove from oven and just finish it on grill?

Thanks for any speedy help!
Pork Ruiner

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