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Please Help Me with my "Pork Roast Thesis".......(long)


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Please Help Me with my "Pork Roast Thesis".......(long)

Funwithfood | Feb 4, 2006 02:22 PM

I buy into the general philosophy of "Measure Twice, Cut Once". Consequently, I have been doing a cross-analysis of several methodologies/recipes for roasting pork.

My quest was initiated because I volunteered to bring a pork dish to an Italian-Themed dinner with about 10 other CHs. (I find obligating my self like this to be the best way to get me 'off the dime' to conquer a new dish.)

Thank you in advance for any information/experiences you can provide in my quest!


*Marcella Hazan suggests a 2-3 pound "pork rib roast" or "Boston Butt". She uses only milk in her braise, and braises for 2-3 hours. A recipe I found at Italianfoodforever.com uses *half white wine* and half milk. The latter sounds pretty tasty to me, however there have been lots of raves about a 100% milk braise.
--Any thoughts on this?
--Also, which cut of meat have you found works best for such a “milk braise”? I am cooking for a large group, so what cut/size would you recommend? Could I use an entire pork shoulder (+- 6 lbs) for this recipe? (added cooking time, of course)
--Additionally, I would like to *oven roast* this. A Fish Called Wanda used 300 degrees, seems a bit on the high side--thoughts on best oven temp?


Michael Chiarello uses a 6 pound boneless pork shoulder, rubbed with spices, then roasted at 275 degrees for 6-8 hours.
-- This method sounds easier than a milk braise, but is the flavor as good?


Zuni calls for a 2-3 pound "boneless pork shoulder butt ROAST" for this recipe.
--Is any pork butt *w/o the bone* considered a "roast"?
--What exactly is a "pork shoulder butt roast"?
--Again--with such a large group, should I use a different cut?


Giada De Laurentis has a recipe for a Pancetta- Wrapped Pork Loin roast (3-4 pound), which is braised in chicken broth and white wine at 375 degrees for about 1 hour.. Her recipe calls for a “tied boneless pork loin roast”.
--What is this roast exactly?
-- I usually buy a 5 pound pork loin at Costco—is this different than what she is calling for?

Thanks again for your help!

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