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Pork-less pork rind substitute


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Pork-less pork rind substitute

DCGooser | Mar 5, 2013 07:50 AM

So I'm planning on cooking JC's cassoulet for a gigantic dinner party (over the course of several days), but some of my friends don't eat pork. I'll substitute some sort of fatty, delicious fowl for the roast pork and sausage, but I'm not sure what to sub for the pork rind or bacon.

I'm curious as to what Chowhounders' thoughts are:

1) Can I use, say, goose or duck skin/cracklins to sub for the pork rind - isn't the important thing to have delicious, fatty, cartilaginous skin for flavor?

2) Think something like duck prosciutto would be a decent substitute for the bacon in this recipe?

3) Has anybody had success using a food processor to grind raw bird? (I don't have a meat grinder). I'm thinking of making some pheasant sausage or something instead of the pork sausage JC has you make for this.

I've prowled Chowhound for the past year and have gotten all sorts of insights. Looking forward to hearing what y'all have to say about this! Thanks!

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