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TastyJon | Dec 13, 2002 12:38 PM

I have no spiritual dictates when it comes to food, but I try to be somewhat respectful of those around me.
So I'm here to learn...

I have a regular lunch meeting with a group of of folks, many of whom are Jewish. I love them all.
I also would love to try the pork dishes on the menu... but I never order these because I feel guilty of offending someone. I'm not, on any level nor in this post targetting the Jewish community... other religions and philosophies refrain from pork, or meat, etc. In fact the point of this is to respect those with whom I break bread.

Again, I know this is a sensitive subject. That's why I'm posting this... Do most people with strong
feelings about certain habits find offense with their neighbor who orders a certain dish at a restaurant?

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