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popped in at figs on saturday

herbacidal/herbalicious (using both) | Dec 16, 200207:50 PM     1

pretty good.

was there early, before it got busy.
actually, made reservation for 6, showed up at 4:30 begging to be fed b/c was starving.
ended up eating at 5.

food was good.
we had the 2 soups, cream of mushroom, and cod with spicy oil.
then we had entrees, parmesan encrusted flounder, king shrimp, and the whole striped bass special.

the flounder was great, nice crust, tasty sauce, wish i remember what it was. good flavor combo.
also first time i've had rice outside of an asian restaurant that i like. normally, i just tolerate it.

the bass was grilled. pretty good flavor, but i have had yet to have a really good fish served whole in western restaurant. it was in a small pool of oil, which, although flavored well, was oil nonetheless.

the shrimp was my friend's, i'm not much for shrimp normally, but it tasted fine. they did use chinese broccoli, and got it nice and soft. i thought that was nice.

service needs work, though.
they were pleasant enough, but that's just half of it.
you have to perform, and well. they did the basics, but were lax on speed, like clearing plates, for instance. We were the only ones there for half an hour, so the waitress wasn't in a groove. I know what that's like, b/c i've been that waiter at times.
but it's still annoying from the customer's perspective. especially if you're paying $77 on a check for 2, compared to chinatown.
nonetheless, i ending up tipping rather well. it takes a lot for me to tip badly.

anyway, at the end, just after he got in to rhe restaurant, mustapha (sp?) came and finished bussing our table. i thought that was really nice.

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