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Popcorn dips?

im_nomad | May 1, 2008 04:09 PM

I am either a freak of nature.... or there are like minded individuals on this board..lets see !

Popcorn is a guilty pleasure for me....i love the stuff, as long as it's not the fat free packing material stuff that comes in micro boxes sometimes...hence it being a guilty pleasure. It is also one of the reasons to go to a movie. It is a treat for me these days, but i have managed to tone it down enough to make it a frequent manageable treat on my diet. I seriously could live off this stuff if i had to.

Anyway.. lately....when i've had it, i have it with dips. Not butter dips....but often a mixture of mayo and hot sauce or what not, i think i've also had it with con queso. Tonight was a treat night, and i popped it with a little sesame oil, which gives me more taste for a much smaller quantity....and the "dip" was a mixture of a small amount of light mayo, soy sauce....and of course, sriracha.

Does anyone else do this? and if so, what do you use for dip?

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