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How Do You Make Popcorn?


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How Do You Make Popcorn?

Enigma3 | Apr 23, 2012 07:57 PM

I do like popcorn. The yellow, large kernel variety. I have prepared it many ways over the years and thought I had finally settled on a way that suits me. I have been using a Presto microwave popper with Orville's name on it. I like it because it uses no oil (more butter) and makes virtually no noise since it is used in the microwave (I don't wake my wife at night).

But now I have to find another way. I much prefer the no oil method so I can use more butter. However, the bean counters at Presto have dumbed down the "power cups", those white discs, so much that the thing is virtually useless. If someone made after market "power cups" that actually worked, I'd buy them. Not long ago you could count on using one disc for three batches. Now you need two discs and they last for one batch. It is now a worthless piece of junk. Thanks bean counters. Once again you have reached the pinnacle of the peter principle. I'm open to all thoughts on how to solve this problem. I need my popcorn.

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