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Poor treatment at DaMimmo

ryzaroo | Mar 17, 2008 09:57 AM

Last night the fiance and I had plans with my parents for dinner at DaMimmo. My parents cancelled at the last minute but we decided to go anyway. Now we are on the younger side...27 and 31 but we can well afford DaMimmo. We arrived and were seated promptly but our waiter was slow and seemed offput by us. We ordered our appetizer and a coupele of iced teas to start as we mulled over the wine list, When he brought out the appetizer he stood there straight faced and asked us what we did for a living. We weren't sure why he was asking or what the point was so we asked him why he was asking....considering he wasn't being very friendly ( in fact quite cold)when he asked and we weren't "conversing" with him about anything when he did ask. His response was " You look too young to afford this place"- flat, cold, not in a joking nice manner..just abrupt.. It was so left field that I sat there in shock while my fiance started to laugh. For starters while not cheap it's not exactly outlandish and like I said we are 2 professionals who can afford DaMimmo. Granted the majority of the clientele there was older than us but so what? After not getting us to answer him about such a personal question- we simply said " well we can assure you that we can" and he responded " hm" and then he just walked away from us. We decided that we weren't going to continue the meal after that so we ate our appetizers and finished our drinks and went on our merry way after stopping to tell the manager that we didn't find the approach or meddling question to be of importance and that we would not continue to be served by someone so incredibly rude. The manager tried to talk us back into eating there with a differnet server but we said no thank you.

We ate at Chiaparellis instead and it was wonderful!

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