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Pondering The Price of Chicken Soup


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Pondering The Price of Chicken Soup

bk | Aug 26, 2004 11:46 AM

It's been awhile since I've made my own chicken soup and am contemplating doing so again. Thing is I have this niggling feeling that one reason I'd stopped was that when all was said and done the cost per serving of the homemade chicken soup came darn close or maybe even exceeded the cost of buying soup from the deli down the street.

Note: Quality is NOT the issue, iirc my soup was pretty good but so is the deli's - 2nd Ave Deli in NYC to be precise, but I will admit they do make a better matzoh ball.

Back to the question, for those of you who make your own chicken soup, how much does it cost you and for what quantity?

Plus how many pounds of chicken do you use to achieve a nice, flavorful soup? So many recipes just say use a chicken but fail to specify proper size. That reminds me - do you let the chicken boil, simmer, whatever with the pot covered or uncovered? The other problem I believe I had was that whatever recipe I used never seemed to produce as much soup as promised.

Finally, since the type & cost of chickens does come into play do you tend to go for the lower end chicken (in NYC @69 cents/lb or for the higher end kosher or organic chickens ($2.99/lb and up)?

of course, I'd be grateful for any wonderful chicken soup recipe that you have to offer.


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