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Polish tomato soup with sour cream - anyone have a recipe?

schmoopy | Feb 16, 201011:27 AM

My husband and I had dinner the other night at a great little Polish restaurant in L.A. (almost Eagle Rock). All meals came with a bowl of delicious tomato soup. Now I don't usually like tomato soup all that much. To me they often taste like pasta sauce or have too much of that tomatoe-y tang (sort of a sharpness). This was creamy and tomatoe-y without that sharpness. It also had large bow-tie noodles in it. We asked the owner about it and she did say that it included sour cream but she didn't want to share the recipe yet because she was planning on putting out a cookbook with the recipes. I'm thinking it may contain paprika too. In any case, it was delicious and I'm wondering if anyone out there has a recipe for something similar? Thanks in advance!

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