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Poleng? Po-lame! (moved from San Francisco board)

evsambista | Mar 21, 200811:59 PM

So, we were kinda psyched to try out this hip lounge/resto in Nopa, Poleng.

Tragically, it sucked.

The food was passable. Then the check arrived. Wow! Only $30 each, split 3 ways. What a deal! We're liking this place more. Good DJ. Friendly waitress.

We chat, sip our drinks, and at an oh so leisurely pace, prepare to leave.

WAIT! Here comes the manager, anxiously inserting his head between our animated conversation.

"I'm sorry, we billed you incorrectly. The table NEXT to you was supposed to get a discount. We accidentally gave it to you. We should have charged you more."

At this point, I would've said, "Oops! Well, your bad, buddy, so um, I'm sorry, but no."

Instead, my way too nice guy dinner partner replied, "Okay, run the extra charges on the three cards."

20 minutes later, no revised bills have arrived. We're done here, so discount or not we're leaving.

We walk down the block, about to make a left on Masonic, when we hear a voice screaming, "WAIT!!!! WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!"

It's the goddamn manager chasing after us like we're lunatics escaped from the asylum.

"YOU FORGOT TO SIGN YOUR REVISED BILLS!!!" he screams. His aneurism seems heartbeats awa. .

At this point, my way too nice guy friend says, "Okay. You told me you had the card info and could run it again. DIdn't realize we had to sign again."

He takes the bill. He laughs. He hands us ours. We see that he has chased us down the block for $7 additional dollars each.

I can no longer hold back. "Seriously, dude. First off, you shouldn't have told us you made a mistake. It's your fault. You should eat it. Secondly, you should not have said to us that the table NEXT to us had a discount. WTF? Makes us feel like that pork dish we ate. Finally, you make us wait 15 minutes to sign the NEW bill, and then you chase us down on the street? This is totally absurd."

"Well," he says awkwardly. "I could buy you all a round of drinks??"

Which would've cost him, undoubtedly, AT LEAST $7/each. AND, had he said that at when he first told us we weren't worthy of a discout, would not only have bought our goodwill, saved him money, and insured that we'd return.

And that's when he lost us forever. Poleng will forever be Po-Lame in our minds.

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