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pok: twisted soul, tapas night.

bob gaj | May 11, 200810:32 AM

so i went to twisted soul (poughkeepsie) for their tapas menu on friday night.

when i hear 'tapa' i immediately think of spanish-influenced appetizers. these were definitely appetizer-sized, but much less of a spanish influence. instead, think

creative small dishes.

the menu. the food tapas were $7 each, the dessert ones 3.50 (i think)
beef sliders / foie gras / brie cheese / onion
lamb metall / feta cheese / tomato / mint
duck confit / ? / vietnamese salad
pork belly / green peas / rhubarb
shrimp / popcorn / cucumber
spicy tuna / puffed bread / avocado
crab cake / mango / ?

vegetarian tapas:
king oyster mushroom / corn flake ? / yao choy
goat cheese / sunflower seeds / asparagus
tofu panna cotta / fava / ?

dessert tapas:
chocolate espresso / sizzle-fizzle-pop
rice pudding / snap-crackle-pop
lemon posset / kiwi / strawberries / blueberries

the ingredients that accompany each dish are often put together in a playful manner.

i got three dishes: beef, pork belly, and tuna.

the tuna came first; was that aioli in it? not sure. the tuna was quite tasty, cut
into very small cubes like a tartare, though it could have been spicier. the avocado
was on the plate in a style similar to the yolk? of an egg. puffed bread was cute to
look at (think of a cream puff with no cream inside) but not much flavor.

beef slider. two came on the plate. on top of a small piece of light bread was a
fair amount of beef, above that was the brie cheese and foie gras. i moved the brie
and foie under the slider (and recommended this to them later) and when it slightly
melted because of the beef, produced a great taste combination. it was too thick for
me to pop in my mouth; i had to use my fork and cut about half of the slider off
before i could pop it up. the onion was like a brown puree, and went together well.

pork belly dish. the peas were in the shape of small gelatinous cubes. i'm no
expert on pork belly, it tasted fine, lacking a little oomph; my only problem is i've only had it at higher-end restaurants, so my points-of-reference aren't fair to twisted soul. one thing going through my mind was "don't compare this to nyc, compare it to what's available in the poughkeepsie area." and for that, it's definitely fine.

i also had a honey dew smoothie with my meal. it's byo(wine) until they get a liquor

i talked with one of the chefs after my meal, which is how i found out about the
playful aspects associated with each dish, where what you see isn't necessarily what
you taste. the shrimp one has a popcorn hollandaise sauce, and the shrimp is served
in a different fashion that would be expected. since i can't remember the exact
details, i'm skipping over it.

several people came in while i was there hoping to order what they served during the
day, and left when they found out it was tapas-only. during my hour there, there was
myself and 2 other people in the restaurant.

room setup: tables each had small candles. only a few tables, seats in front window
were unfortunately backless. 2 servers and one chef, with more of a chic-y feel to it.

music playing: ranged from 1998 remix of rush's "tom sawyer" to some acid-jazz,
laid-back hip-hop/soul and later, sade. i kept thinking of 2 many dj's/radio soulwax
while the music was playing.

i'll definitely be going back, either with my wife (since they have some dishes
she'll eat on the vegetarian side) or some friends in the future and try the rest of
their dishes, along with some desserts. i just hope they're able to weather out the
opening down-period, and further develop the menu.

twisted soul, 442 main st POK, 705-5381 CASH ONLY. tapas are friday/saturday 7-10 pm

and if you like this, you'll definitely like: elephant wine bar, kingston, where the
food is a bit more adventurous, but related spirit.

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