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Poison Pickles?


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Poison Pickles?

Iron Frank | May 27, 2002 12:02 AM

I bought a jar of half-sours from a relatively small, kosher company at my supermarket that wasn't packaged well and kind of dripped a bit on the way home.

The jars actually always looked kind of over stuffed when I've looked at them before, the tops bulging over. I took a chance on this batch though because they are really tasty the one decent looking bottle I've had before.

This time I opened the jar and the pickles were packed super-tight to the top and started bubbling like a shaken bottle of seltzer. A bunch of pickle juice bubbled over onto the counter and it didn't stop full on fizzing for a good ten minutes.

What could cause this? Is it tampering of bad packaging. Is this what can lead to bochilism?


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