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Points to Ponder

FriedClamFanatic | May 24, 2014 01:59 PM

1. Who was that Crazy-assed person that figured out how you eat an artichoke?
2. What lazy baker left his dough to sit out under a tree, neglecting it all that time to find it had doubled in size?
a. in fact, the whole bread take a crappy piece of grass, knock off the tops, somehow get rid of the crud, dry it, crush it, mix it with other stuff, add tree-crud to it, neglect it, bake it (were the first "loaves" eaten raw?)
3. how many Japanese do you supposed croaked before they figure out how to get pufferfish belly sliced right and in the right amount to be a delicacy?
4. And hats off to those early pioneers who took a anemic looking blade of grass with a cple of "pustules" on it and then practiced GMO techniques until they finally arrived at those golden ears
5. "Seriously Walter.ya take these here leaves.dry 'em and then roll em up and smoke 'em and you'll eventually have doctors smoking more Lucky Strikes than any other brand?"
6. That big red thing off that nice plant that will kill you! Maybe we can give some to Italians and take care of the problem down there
7.Bury the fish then dig it up later? Are you nuts? That's good fertilizer!
8.We can take those sharks we catch, slice em up and freeze them and no one will ever know it's not cheap is that?
9. If the Warden tries to feed us that damn red bottom feeder one more time, we gonna revolt! That's the 3rd time we've had lobster this week!
10. Ok, this machine will "zap" the food with special rays and it will cook the food but not heat the plates up too much. It's safe to humans as long as you stay behind this shield

11. Bonus Round........Are you Crazy, Doctor? Bread Mold is bread's no damn good for anything except ruining bread!

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