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Point Richmond: Up & Under Pub and Grill – The Richmond prick and the BEST po’boy I’ve had in my life … WOW

rworange | Mar 14, 201004:28 PM     17

The oyster, clam and shrimp po’boy was the special on Thursday.

It was the last one, selling out at 2pm

It is the best I’ve ever had. It should be their signature dish and not just a special.

More than an inch of seafood coated in a great beer batter rested on the perfect slaw which did what slaw should always do for fried food, cut the richness.

The lightly toasted Maggioni’s roll held the substantial contents without flaw and didn’t fall apart as a lesser roll might have. No slaw or seafood fell out of it. This is the first item from that baker that I ever really liked.

Cut in half, each half was massive and could have easily fed two, but I scarfed down every last magically delicious bite.

It was served next to a mound of the best fries … period. They were the size of McDonald’s fries but not greasy, just potato perfection.

All this wonderfulness was $8.95. It was a stunning price for not only the quality, but the quantity. It is definitely on my top ten tastes of 2010 list

We shared an appetizer - The Richmond prick … crispy beer-battered cactus with chipotle aioli

Delicious wide strips of nopales were served with an aioli so good, I scraped the remainder out of the bowl. Lightly dressed greens were also on the plate.

My friend had the chili and the chicken sandwich. I had a taste of the chili and it was very good.

The chicken sandwich was also substantial and looked terrific. My friend who I have dragged to my favorite Brazilian spot and Café Citti in Sonoma during the week looked up after his first bite and said I ruined him with all of these wonderful meals because now he wants to eat like this all the time.

The next day we went back and split a clam chowder and a fish and chips.

The creamy, thick clam chowder was very good, a slight variation on the classic, but this New England native liked it. My friend really liked it. It had some melted cheddar in it and that worked really well

The tasty fish had a light-as-air, crisp, greaseless coating. The two long filets of moist, perfectly cooked white fish came with excellent dilled tartar sauce.

This is a great pub atmosphere … long wooden bar … one booth that had carved eagles. There is a lovely copper ceiling with rugby shirts strung along the walls. An internet jukebox is on one wall and a few TV’s are scattered on the ceiling. Colorful paintings of Point Richmond brighten a back wall. At the table next to us, a group was playing cards.

The friendly, upbeat server Megan did a super job. She was like someone central casting would pick as the ideal pub worker right down to her name. She steered us to some good eats and helped make the whole experience fun.

Too stuffed for dessert but glancing at the menu, I asked Megan to recommend a dessert for next time. She said the seasonal fruit crisp was great and so was the “Sin Bin”, s’mores with vanilla ice cream

Our second visit lacked Megan. The service was fine but not as special as that first time. It gets loud when it is full and a group seated next to us was excessively loud, at times shouting across the room to friends. It was a celebration and my gift to the birthday boy was not to glare at him and tell him to keep it down to a mild roar.

I don’t know if anyone else has reported about the place since I haven’t had much time for chowhound recently. A while back antarticwidow posted the menu but had not it yet. Don’t even have enough time to search for her post.

The hours are
Mon-Sat 11am-10pm
Sun 3pm – 10 pm

Food service ends at 10pm. Last call is midnight

There was a sign promising ‘corned beef chaos’ on St. Patrick’s Day. I am so there

Up & Under Pub and Grill
2 W Richmond Ave, Richmond, CA 94801

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