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At what point should I add black kale to risotto? Should I precook it?


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At what point should I add black kale to risotto? Should I precook it?

everybodyever | Sep 22, 2010 11:32 AM

I cook black kale all the time, and I make risotto all the time, but I've never put the former in the latter. I usually just saute the kale (and occasionally braise it or put it in soup), so I don't really have a concept of how it would best be added to risotto.

Should I pre-saute the kale and then set it aside to add to the risotto at the end? Should I pre-boil it, reserve its cooking water to add to the risotto along with the stock, and then add the kale to the risotto at the end, as per an Epicurious recipe?

Should I not cook the kale at all beforehand, but chiffonade it and add it raw to the risotto at some point during the process, so that it will cook along with the rice? If that last option, how long before the end do you think I should add it, e.g., how long do you think the kale would need to cook? (FWIW, when I make risotto the rice always takes far longer to soften than any recipe has ever advised.)

I assume that whatever I do I shouldn't just add it at the beginning of the risotto-making process when I'm sauteing the onion and then rice; I assume the kale would break down too much, and I like it to be a little chewy but still tender. But y'all tell me, please!

And if you have a favorite recipe or other advice for adding kale to risotto, point me to it, too.

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