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Poached egg gone array, burned hand, need answers??

Chandler114 | May 3, 201611:29 AM

I can make poached eggs. I've made plenty of poached eggs. In fact I've got a bug up my butt recently and I've started going nuts making them all the time. But just a little while ago I was making a couple of poached eggs and toast for breakfast. The first egg I pulled out and laid on the napkin to drain off came out perfect and beautiful, then I put it on the toast and put it on the plate but then I pulled out the second egg which I noticed looked very strange. Extra jiggly and weirdly large but I didn't really think about it so I gently laid it on the napkin to drain and when I put it in my hands to place on the toast it literally exploded! And super hot water splashed, not only all over my fingers, but all over my toast and other egg effectively making my bread soggy. It was so hot and exploded like a water balloon. The whites were done and the yolk was overcooked, but still has a runny center. I checked out the other egg and it was in perfect condition, perfectly cooked. I'd put them in possibly 10 seconds apart from each other and while they were cooking I stood there the entire time and I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary happen.
So what happened?
How did one of my eggs essentially become an overcooked hot as heck water balloon and the other one turned out perfect?
And how can I avoid this happening again because it really really hurt.

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