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Pluot/Plumicot? YUM!!


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Pluot/Plumicot? YUM!!

lil mikey | Aug 19, 2002 02:24 PM

Okay, I recognize that I’ve probably just missed this fruit in prior summers, but I have just discovered these wonderful fruits that apparently are a mix between plums and apricots.

They range in color from yellow-orange to orange-red, and are named pluots in some markets, and plumicots in others.

The meat is like apricots, but they are a little juicier. They are sweet on the inside, and the skin is tart, like plums, but not quite as tart as plum skins. They are a wonderful blend of flavor from these two fruits, and I have begun buying them regularly.

I have noticed, though, that the price ranges widely. In some stores they are $1.98 per pound, and in others, they are $3.98 per pound.

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