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We finally had mussels at Plouf over the weekend -- had been looking forward to it, to bring back fond memories of a trip to Belgium last summer, but Plouf was a HUGE disappointment.

We shared everything: mussels, a plate of fish & chips, and a side of green beans.

The mussels themselves were OK -- to Plouf's credit, they did not serve any that had not opened when steamed. A few had a not-so-fresh, kind of bad-breath/catfood-ey taste. We had them "Poulette" style (bacon, shallots, white wine & cream). The sauce was nice, rich & flavorful. But these mussels were merely average -- they did not deserve to be called the best in the City.

The fish & chips were downright nasty. Fish was spongy and totally flavorless -- think tofu blobs. (I like tofu but not when I thought I ordered fish). The fries were probably the worst I've had in the city -- thin cut, but sloppy, cut into random sizes, then fried until they were completely solid throughout -- like hard, vaguely potato chip-flavored twigs. Not salted, and served lukewarm (quickly turned ice cold, it was chilly this weekend).

Even the green beans were lame -- steamed, still crisp ... but icky-greasy from too much butter, which congealed at the bottom of the plate, and WAY too salty.

Was this a random fluke? If not, this place does NOT belong on the Tip Sheet, for sure!! in any event, I will not be back -- this is by far the worst place I've tried on Belden Alley (B44, Tiramisu are fine, not great, but definitely better than this disaster!)

P.S. I tried "Ctrl+F" on the board for Plouf and didn't find anything. Apologies if this disturbing downhill slide has already been discussed ...


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