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I plead temporary insanity, but I still want to sue......

jrvedivici | Mar 15, 201405:48 PM

I once started a thread titled "Unintentional Consequences of belonging to Chow". In which thread I explained I've eaten more Mc' Donald's simply from reading reviews of different items on the Chains board.

Well I've had another Chow inspired mistake this evening and I think someone should pay! There have been a few discussions on my local (NJ) board about crab cakes, specifically NJ vs. Maryland and so forth. Those threads have me subconsciously thinking about and silently desiring some of those Jersey Shore delicacies.

The wife and I were walking through our local BJ's wholesale club where I had picked up a couple of nice prime strip steaks to throw on the grill. As my wife must meander in and out of every Isle, as if there isn't one large direct lane out, I obediently follow behind. As we were walking down a frozen good section, and I assure you I am NOT a frozen food kind of guy, my eyes caught a glimpse of something that looked delicious. Momma Belles Maryland Crabcakes! No, could it be a sign from the Crabcake Gods that perhaps instead of just steak tonight should be surf and turf! They looked so good on the box cover, we've been talking about it on NJ, it must be meant to be! I grab the box and ran like the fat kid in a candy store to my wife's cart and placed them in.

I followed the directions to a "T", I baked them in the oven, no microwaving these babies, and I coated them with melted butter to give them the anticipated golden crisp finish as the box showed.

Well you can see for yourself how they turned out! Why.....oh why?!?!?! Why Chow have you betrayed me again! I want to sue! I have suffered damages! I think you, yes YOU, should pay me for making me suffer this cruel and extreme punishment!!!!

Seriously how are food companies allowed to so falsely represent their products? It's friggin ridiculous how bad these crab cakes were. My wife enjoyed a good snicker or two at my utter disgust in this product.

How about you? What are some of your biggest product dissapointments?

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