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Why plastic or Styrofoam for kids?


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Why plastic or Styrofoam for kids?

cleobeach | Dec 15, 2012 04:22 PM

We have a young son who has been visiting restaurants since before he could eat solid food.

Something that drives us (his father and I) nuts is how servers try to give him huge servings of his beverage of choice (usually club sods, sometimes milk) in plastic or Styrofoam cups.

After he orders his club soda, I always follow with “please put that in a small rocks glass.”

I do this for two reasons. The first is he doesn’t need 32 oz of anything to drink.

The second is, since he doesn’t drink out of flexible plastic or Styrofoam pitcher-sized vessels at home, there is a risk that he will squeeze it, pop the top off and send liquid all over the place. This hasn’t happened but why risk it?

At our regular places, the servers know our preferences but recently, we were at a few restaurants where the server could not understand that our 7yo was perfectly capable of drinking out of a real (small) glass. These places had carpet and hardwood on the floors so shattering glass flying all over the place was not a risk.

Why do restaurants go through the added expense of serving children out of disposable cups? A giant disposable cup that would spill would create far more of a mess than a small regular glass.

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