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Non-plastic pyrex lids?

cafe | Feb 19, 2008 09:25 AM

Ok........so new to the cooking world and my house is filled with tuperware and plastics. I am encouraging my family to make the switch to safer containers- pyrex and corningware, which we are slowly doing. However, the pyrex containers sold seem to have all have plastic lids! what do you all use as non-plastic lids for pyrex?

My second question is, I use to freeze soups etc in plastic zip lock bags, which saved a lot of space. Any suggestions for how you non-plastic users store things in the freezer? Plastic freezer bags had really helped cut down storage space! Using pyrex seems so dangerous, like its going to crack on break on my toe (my freezer is kinda stuffed). Is corningware better to use? Thanks for any advice and suggestions you can provide!

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