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places to take non chowish people

emerilcantcook | May 27, 200802:49 PM

and stilll satisfy chowhounds as well...

Because I am known as the food person at work, I was asked to pick up a place for our next outing. The problem is that I have been getting mixed feedback about the places I take them to. One left most of the food in her plate at Nicolosi and complained about her weird dessert (of which she only took a tiny bite in disgust). It was a chocolate and tangerine mousse/cake and in fact pretty fine, at least not inedible or not worth complaining about it for a month. She also thought the food there was too expensive (of course comparing it to Cultures!). I have painfully endured Thai, Korean, Chinese and the other "weird food" lunches/dinners with my coworkers. They seem to hate almost all chow favorites. I took my Korean coworker to Maison Bulgogi, he said it wasn't authentic at all and implied that I was the biggest gringo ever.

Long story short, they are really nice peeps, but frankly they are a pain to eat out with, something I have to endure every week or so. I am also not very happy that I take them to places where they don't enjoy the food or leave hungry; I don't want to feel responsible for their non-enjoyment.

Frankly with all our history, I am surprised that they still trust me in chosing a restaurant. So far the only place that seems to satisfy everyone is McKibbins, but damn I am tired of it. If I won't make a decision, I bet that is the place they will like to be going; but I am in the mood for a change.

Dear comrades, is there somewhere that could make me feel like I am not wasting my valuable calorie allowance, while not starving or intimidating the non chow crowd?Ideally it should be around Guy-Concordia, but if forced we can schlep out anywhere that has public transport. It also has to be "reasonable", some of the people think that only suckers pay more than 25-30 bucks for dinner, despite making and spending loads of money elsewhere.

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