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Right Place Right Time - Dunk Donuts!

Vital Information | Dec 5, 2002 09:18 AM

Last night in the midst of some beers, I ran into a friend of mine who works somewhere in the federal bureaucracy. He played a significant role in the recent takedown of the Outfit in Cicero. We joked that the Cicero insurance scam only happened because they were the right criminals in the right place and the right time. Later in the night, I got to be the right eater in the right place at the right time.

No secret that I am a donut guy. Could be my favorite thing to eat. Like a Chicago hot dog, good donuts are not really that easy to find. Luckily, one of the best donuts, a rare donuts stand, exists not too far from me. Dunk Donuts sits in the middle of the mostly Mexican stretch in "downtown" Melrose Park. It is open all the time but only sells donuts when they have donuts.

The roving inventory of Dunk Donut adds an extra element to a visit. I prefer either too early or too late. Late, you get the Dunk discount. A dozen donuts can be 15, 18, 20. No salvage value in donuts. Get there at the right time and you get what would just be tossed. Still, as much as I like value, nothing beats getting there too early, like last night.

When I entered Dunk Donuts past midnight, there were not too many donuts on display because most of the donuts had not been made. Too early means very limited choices. But do you really need variety? My selection: two chocolate cake just dry enough to be considered ready and three contraband buttermilk, like getting a beaujolais nouveau an hour early.

The chocolate cake really excelled from its ultra-freshness. The icing still soft, melted easily in the mouth; the donut part much crisper than it will be in a few hours.

Believe me, getting to Dunk Donuts at "normal" hours, when they offer the full range of glazed, sprinked, filled and plain goodies works pretty well too.


Dunk Donuts
1912 W Lake St
Melrose Park, IL
(708) 343-0047

Side Note
Right Place Right Time by the Night Tripper, Dr. John is also one my favorite songs.

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