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Curt | Apr 21, 2004 01:52 PM

It’s great to have disagreements on these boards. They can help us to look at things differently or maybe discover new things. But, too often, they simply result in choosing sides.

Unfortunately, many replies are mean spirited and only meant to put others down or bolsters one’s own position. Often there is no clarification, no positive purpose.

Being “the best,” or “the worst” is an illusive concept. Standards, experiences, emotions and/or any number of other variables come into play. Where is this concept more subjective than food/dining?

Many have been frightened off by curt, negative retorts to their posts. Rarely do we see follow ups to our suggestions. Possibly many do not wish to suffer the scrutiny.

When in disagreement with a suggestion, or if you simply wish to pan a place, why not educate us? “IT SUCKS!... I wouldn’t feed it to my dog!” doesn’t say much.

Why not mention that the meat was too salty, the greens were wilted, or the sauce was bland?. Maybe the poster is a beef eater and we hated the chicken. Maybe the drinks were small, we didn’t like our server or we were turned off with the “B” rating.

Tastes are different, and people are different. If not, we would see some sadly limited menus.

Rather than trying to be right, why don’t we try to learn from each other. Too often we are blinded by our prejudices.

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