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Pizza stone problem

GeckoPig | Apr 7, 2006 03:34 PM

I bought a large rectangular Kitchen Aid pizza stone from Costco a while back. Since I had an electric oven, I would only put it in when I used the stone because it took up a rack. I then moved to a new apartment with a gas oven, so I have been letting my pizza stone live on the bottom of the oven as I had heard one should do (because it was fine there and would keep the gas oven temp more regular).

The problem is that it cracked. First once, completely in half, and now in other places. This doesn't seem to be in high heat periods or anything I can trace.

I kept cooking on it for a while, but the heat comes up through the cracks and burns pizza crust in those places.

What should I do for my next stone? Buy a different type/thickness of stone? Not keep it on the oven floor? Never put it on the oven floor?

Thanks so much!

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