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Pizza Hut - 3lb Tuscani Pasta


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Pizza Hut - 3lb Tuscani Pasta

2slices | May 4, 2009 08:20 AM

I get such a laugh out of these commercials. The most recent takes a family out to a restaurant blindfolded, then sneaks them back into their own house and feeds them pizza hut pasta. 3 pounds of it!!!! While blindfolded (wtf?) they say something like "we're in a real Italian restaurant" or something like that. After the reveal they are, obviously, shocked to be in their own house, and can't believe how great their pizza hut delivery pasta is.

This one is almost as good as the same product being served in Italy to "real!!" Itlaians who are also stunned it's pizza hut. Does pizza hut exist in Italy?

Anyhow, I'm wondering if anyone has an opinion of the 3lb pasta deals they're pitching. We don't have pizza hut where near where I live, and I doubt I would give it a go. But with such big claims I have to know what it's like.

Oh and 3 lbs of pasta? Jeez

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