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Pizza Hounds -- Favorite Canned Tomatoes for Neapolitan-style Pizza?

finlero | Oct 29, 201112:11 PM

So since we left the east coast two years ago (and thus left our favorite neighborhood Neapolitan-style pizzeria), I've worked hard out of necessity to hone my own pizza making skills. With this minimalist style of cooking, of course each ingredient has to be just right or it will stick out in a bad way. I think I'm getting pretty good at my dough, I've found a few brands of mozzarella I like, there are numerous great finishing olive oils available, and my yard is peppered with Genovese basil plants in the good weather.

I know a lot of hounds have expressed their various opinions here on canned tomatoes; a lot of folks seem to like Muir Glen, I've seen some recs for boxed Pomi, etc. But a lot of these opinions specifically relate to long, slow-cooked dishes. For a real Neapolitan-style pizza, the "sauce" is just a raw tomato puree, with a little salt added; since it's barely cooked when you fire the pizza in a hellishly hot oven, any "off" tastes really jump out at you.

I've tried a ton of different brands, including the D.O.P. ones I can find, but many have an unpleasant, often metallic taste with this quick flash cook. By far the best I've found are La Valle (interestingly I can't tell a difference in taste between their D.O.C. and D.O.P., both are excellent), but they're pretty difficult to find where i live.

Thus my question: specifically for Neapolitan-style pizza, what brand of tomatoes do you favor? Are there any that approach or surpass La Valle? Bonus points for ubiquitous availability and good prices, but taste is paramount. Thanks in advance!

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