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The best pizza you can't buy.


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The best pizza you can't buy.

mirror | Apr 24, 2003 06:44 PM

The best pizza you can't buy.
Layers from bottom up, in order...
-- Deep dish crust using lard, rolled thin
with high walls, baked crisp (I otherwise
favor flat, extra-thin crusts)
-- Chili, beef, no beans, for the sauce,
topped with Vidalia onion slices and
dotted richly with small slices of thick,
smoked bacon
-- Whole-milk mozzarella, generously
-- Sport peppers sliced in cross sections
-- More whole-milk mozzarella, lightly
but fully laid
-- Crushed red pepper (go easy)
-- Parmesan cheese (dust it)
Bake the crust to firm it, build the pie,
bake again at low then high temperature
to set the ingredients, then briefly broil
to lightly brown the Parmesan. Eat,
dissolved with a good Malbec.

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