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Pittsburgher: french fries inside sandwich?


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Pittsburgher: french fries inside sandwich?

Deb H. | Apr 9, 2001 05:13 PM

I recently had a interesting sandwich in San Francisco (at Magnolia Pub & Brewery in the Haight) called "The Pittsburgher" and wondered if this is a sandwich common in Pittsburgh, etc. or why it might be called "Pittsburgher". It had cappicola and salami with melted provolone, french fries, cole slaw and tomato on pugliese bread (yes, cole slaw and french fries actually inside of the sandwich) -- sounded so odd that I had to order it. It was pretty good, but I wound up picking some of the french fries out to balance it. Anyone else have experience with french fries inside sandwiches? Why Pittsburgher? Local whimsy?

Deb H.


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