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Is Pitahaya the same as Dragon Fruit or Tuna ... what the heck is it?


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Is Pitahaya the same as Dragon Fruit or Tuna ... what the heck is it?

Krys Stanley | Aug 5, 2004 02:15 AM

Ok, so I'm in this Nicaraguan restaurant and I get this drink called pitahaya. It is a stunning jewel-like fushia color and quite delicious with pulpy little seeds. Looking around on the net to find out what it is has confused me.

Some sites say it is dragon fruit, but the color isn't the same. Some sites say it it tuna, the fruit of the napoles, but that is just wrong.

These two definitions seem closest:

Also spelled "pitaya". One variety grown in the American tropics on a climbing cactus is an egg shaped, bright pink or red-skinned fruit, which measures more than 3 inches long. It has large leaf-like scales and a juicy white flesh, which is filled with several little seeds. Another variety comes from a Mexican wild plant, which produces round fruit that is 2 to 2 1/2 inches in diameter. The fruit's skin is covered with small clusters of spines, which reveal a red fully ripe fruit when brushed off. Its flesh is dark red to purple with a mild sweet flavor. Pithaya fruit is used in salads, beverages, sherbets and preserves.

The fruit of a central American cactus, the pitahaya has a deep pink dense flesh and mild sweet flavour, and adds vibrant colour to fruit salad.

No kiddin about the vibrant color.

So what is it? Can you eat it raw? Whatever it is, if you see it as a drink, I highly recommend it.

It is the color of the middle fruit in the picture below.


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