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Pissaladiere -- Puff Pastry or Pizza?


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Pissaladiere -- Puff Pastry or Pizza?

DanaB | Jun 16, 2003 11:47 PM

I'm planning on making a pissaladiere for a party this coming weekend, and in researching recipes, it seems there are two very distinct camps on this classic recipe from the South of France. The common ingredients are the toppings -- carmelized onions, anchovies, olives. Some include garlic, some don't. Otherwise, the recipes are all over the place -- some call for tomato, or sun dried tomato, or garlic or not, some call for cheese. Some are puff pastry based, some are pizza dough based. Even Julia Child (in "The Way to Cook") offers two different recipes -- one from each camp.

So, calling all chowhounds -- what is the perfect recipe for a pissaladeiere? More importantly for my immediate concerns, what is the best recipe for me to serve at a party, where the food will be prepared in advance (i.e. it can come out of the oven at the start of the party, but it's likely that it will sit for a bit, and will mostly be eaten at room temperature)?


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