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Pinot Noir - Food Pairing Recommendations Needed


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Pinot Noir - Food Pairing Recommendations Needed

fatassasian | Apr 7, 2009 03:36 PM

I need some help with figuring out what kind of food to pair with Pinot Noir. Does steak pair well?

I ask because a good friend of mine recently spent some time roaming the Willamette Valley and picked up a bunch of different bottles of Pinot Noir. He's coming to my house so we can taste. In trade, I have to cook him dinner. If I prepare steak (filet, ny, or porterhouse), will it pair well?

There's a butcher near my house that supplies great prime beef. That's one reason I'm trying to cook steaks. The other is that I'm most competent on the grill and I won't have to jump through very many hoops to prepare a good meal.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Note: I posted this in the general Chow forum but thought that the Winehounds might have some great insight regarding my dilemma. Thanks!

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