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Pink Lady cocktail question


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Pink Lady cocktail question

The Big Crunch | Nov 26, 2012 07:06 PM

So, we had a bunch of lemon juice leftover and I decided now was as good a time as many to make my first Pink Lady. I gave it a short dry shake at first (more on this later) and then put in the ice and gave it a solid 15 seconds of hard shaking before straining it through a hawthorne strainer into a chilled coupe. Like others have mentioned, it is not pink. In stead I got a white frothy drink that quickly separated into into a white frothy top floating on a beige layer.

So, the question I have is whether this is supposed to happen. Is this drink supposed to quickly separate, and if not, what did I do wrong?

About the dry shake... I have a terrible time with this. I use a Boston shaker set up and every time I try a dry shake, the liquid ingredients almost immediately start coming through the seam between the glass and tin and spill everywhere. This is never a problem when I shake with ice. Maybe I should just get a French shaker for drinks involving egg whites?

Any advice appreciated.

Oh, and for what it;s worth, I was underwhelmed by the Pink Lady. It's a gin sour with some very slight additional sweet fruit flavors topped with a layer of sweet froth. Finish is mostly bitter sweet/sour lemon. Meh...nothing bad, but nothing I'll be clamoring to make again.

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