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Pillsbury thin crust pizza dough in a can!


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Pillsbury thin crust pizza dough in a can!

c oliver | Feb 24, 2009 12:26 PM

(To preface this, I tried to get alkapal to start this thread but she wouldn't :) So I'm doing it but am hoping she'll weigh in.)

Thanks to the above 'hound, I was turned on to the Pillsbury thin crust pizza dough. Like in one of those "whack" cans for biscuits. I highly recommend that you keep one or more of these in your fridge. They're really good. Really. I don't read their instructions because, again, I got my "training" from alkapal. You oil the baking sheet and then spread the dough. It's a rectangle. With your oily fingers, press some chopped rosemary onto the dough. Then add sauce. To make it really easy, I bought a squeeze bottle of Contadina Pizza Squeeze, figuring I was going to be adding so much flavor to this that it wouldn't matter - and it didn't. I then topped with finely chopped fennel, pre-cooked but homemade sausage, thinly sliced shallots and shaved garlic (I used my vegetable peeler). Then I topped all that with a four-cheese Italian blend and then some freshed grated Parmesan. I then baked it at 500 (I believe the instructions said 400) per above 'hound :) She said not to worry that the edges might be looking burned; that you need that really high heat to crisp up the bottom. This made a big enough pizza for the two of us to have it for two meals. And I now have FOUR cans of the stuff in the fridge --- it was half price :) I've had pizza in restaurants that wasn't this good. And it's so easy and so last minute by using some prepared products.

Now that I've begun this thread I'm hoping my "buddy" will chime in because she has a good idea for a white pizza that I want to read about. Please???

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