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Help! Pigs Feet, Trotters, Pied de Porc

Laocook | Dec 24, 201101:57 PM

Hello y´all and seasons greetings.

I have just returned from a trip to Brussels and in a small brasserie just off the Grand Place had a dish that was called Pied de Porc Grillé. I ordered it knowing that it was Grilled Trotters (Pig feet) but what I got served looked like a a cross between a pancake and crispy pig skin. Underneath the "pancake of crispy skin" was indeed the lovely melt-in-you-mouth trotters. First I thought that the chef had flayed the skin off the feet then crisped it up, the "pancake" tasted like pork skin and in some parts also had the feel and taste of crispy pork skin! I asked the waiter in my terrible French (cannot speak or understand anything Flemmish) how it was prepared and he told me that it was made with the gelatin. Looking at the dish I can more or less understand how it was prepared, the trotters are stewed until done, then seperated from the liquid which in turn becomes gelatinous, before serving I think some of the gelatin is placed in a hot pan with the trotters until it becomes crispy before being turned out and served upside down. Am I right or have I missed out a big part? Has anyone had it before (if you havent, you should!), does anyone have the recipe? I attach photos to show you.

In the first pic you will see it as it is served, it looks like a deep fried pancake. The second pic shows the trotter, the third pic shows you how thick the "pancake was".

I have searched online in various launguages (English, French, Spanish) but have only found stewed trotters that have been either deep fried or crisped from the salamander.

I hope someone can help....many thanks and have a great festive period..

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