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Pie makers: do you or don't you ?

cakewhole | Nov 18, 200906:48 PM

Hello All,

This question if for those of you who make custard-based pies (such as pumpkin or sweet potato). Do you, or don't you, prebake (blind bake) your crusts for custard-based fillings?

Since T-day is right around the corner I'm contemplating this year's pumpkin pie. In the past I've followed various recipes that tell one to pour the pumpkin custard into an UNBAKED crust (most recipes I've looked at follow this procedure except for one of the recipes here on CH). In my experience, this makes for a cooked custard but an underbaked (partially raw) crust.

Now I'm thinking that I'll prebake my crust completely- then pour the custard into the cooled crust to bake (will cover edges with tinfoil to prevent over-browning if needs be).

What are your experiences with crusts for custard fillings?

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