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Help - Picky Eater with Food Allergies who hasn't been exposed to a lot of different foods


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Help - Picky Eater with Food Allergies who hasn't been exposed to a lot of different foods

Sandwich_Sister | Sep 25, 2010 07:32 AM

So my brother in law just recently moved in with us for awhile. My husband is out of town working for 3 more weeks and we need to menu plan dinners for that time.

He has food allergies. Very allergic to nuts and dairy. He also can be picky but is willing to try anything once.

Things he isn't fond of.
Fish - he's tried salmon and didn't like it, he's not really a fan maybe a lighter fish he may like.

Beans - I couldn't get an whole answer on this one yet. He's had black beans but he doesn't really care for them. I don't know if he means all beans or not.

Certain textures - anything that is soft and mushy like mashed potatoes, tofu,

He likes veggies and fruit but not all. Some I know he doesn't like are: Mushrooms, Asparagus, I suspect anything out of the ordinary. He really likes onions and green peppers and corn.

We've got breakfast and lunch down. He loves turkey sandwiches and the like but when it comes to main dinner dishes we are having trouble finding some common ground that isn't going to get boring.

I've made pizza, he loves a cheeseless pepperoni pizza with onions and green pepper.
Breaded baked chicken
Spaghetti - I showed him how to make his own sauce instead of buying the canned crap. :)

He made me a dish he calls curry chicken. with a salad and it was good. It tasted like Indian in flavor and I thought maybe he'd be interested in tasting more of those flavors in other indian dishes.

I'm looking for recipes that might fit all of this. Certain things I omit the cheese for him and I'll have the cheese. We've made a cheeseless steak sub for him once.

Any ideas on what to do?

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