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Pick's vs Buns: Burgers

bigfellow | Apr 30, 2009 07:46 AM

In the thread on Restaurant Openings - 2009 , chilipepper told about a new burger place opening up on St Marc, just north of St Catherine. Around the corner from Buns. They opened 2 days ago.

The young man who owns and operates Pick's was brought up in the business. His parents owned Manna, the Korean resto on Bishop. They sold it and now own and operate a Korean resto on the Southshore.

First off, they sell kogo's. A kogo is like a pogo, but it has pieces of potato in the batter. We were talking while he was making one for a customer. He forgot about it for an extra couple of minutes.I joked that it was crispy. It really wasn't that overdone at all. But he wouldn't serve it to the customer because it wasn't perfectr. My kind of guy. Just for this alone, I would hire him to work in my kitchen any day!

The burgers are made from premium meat. They are never frozen. There are 5 or 6 types of cheese available. Cheese is an extra charge. But the basic burgers are 50 cents less than Bun's. ($3.50 vs $4).

Now the big news. YES FOLKS, they have toppings like bacon, carmelized onions, roasted red peppers and the like.

They also do a steak burger with bul go gee beef. They also serve french fries that are homemade. I must confess that I prefer the grilled potatoes at Bun's. But they are not consistantly cooked. (I remember the second leason that I was taught in my training by my first chef: ALWAYS< ALWAYS be consistant! ( the first was to duck flying objects when he was angry)) So I will have to give that one to Pick's also.

He does do Hot Dogs. He also has Michigan sauce for the dogs and the burgers.

All in all I rate Pick's as the winner so far. I'm going to go back tomorrow and just see how they're doing and to test the food once more.

I asked and he will also get kimchee from his parents place for me!

Has anyone else been there yet?

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