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pickles too salty


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pickles too salty

empty stomach | Jan 17, 2003 02:43 PM

Are jarred pickles getting saltier these days? I'm a HUGE salt-freak -- daily rotation of dill pickles, kimchi, and takuwan -- but lately (few years) I've noticed a few brands of the first to be too salty even for me. Some are just fine (Western Family? Vlassic?), but others (Heinz? Claussen?) I need to dump the brine and replace with water.

With all the "lo-fat" foods on the shelves, I'm stunned that I don't see "lo-salt" pickles (olives, etc.) everywhere. I'm sure they exist in gourmet shops (or somewhere), but I'd think they'd be mainstream.

Olives, for what it's worth, are almost ALWAYS too salty for me. And anchovies - UGH - can't even get a slice of pizza in my mouth if it has these. How does ANYONE eat these?! I add salt to Fritos and I add nampla (patis) to damned near everything, but anchovies, most olives, and some brands of pickles are really just too much.

What's the deal? I don't recall this problem 10 years ago.

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