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Pickled (brined) cabbage--help needed


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Pickled (brined) cabbage--help needed

Howard-2 | Sep 5, 2002 09:31 AM

I made some "pickled cabbage" by following a recipe I have for fermented kirby cucumbers (NY style, with dill, garlic, etc). What I did was to take some cabbage, dump it in brine, add some herbs and spices (coriander, peppercorns, mustard seed, garlic, etc), and weight it down. I put it into a crock and topped off the brine so that it was within an inch of the top. I put the top on the crock (it was one of those ground-glass tops that admit only a tiny amount of air). After maybe 4-5 weeks I had some sort of pickled cabbage, though it doesn't seem quite like regular sauerkraut--for one thing, it's still slightly yellow and not white like regular sauerkraut. Still, it tastes pretty good.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? In many ways it parallels the way sauerkraut is made--brine, limited access of the solution to oxygen, etc. (I've tried to make sauerkraut about 5 times now and failed every time, so I thought I'd try something different.)

Anyone have any observations about what I did? Tnx.

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