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Picking cheeses for 3+-cheese dish


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Picking cheeses for 3+-cheese dish

Gary Rolin | Apr 14, 2004 09:44 AM

My wife has a thing for the cheese. And our 15-month old daughter also has a thing for the cheese. And not just the Veleveeta-y, Cheddar-y cheese. When we go to our local Whole Foods in Atlanta, whenever I sample the cave-aged grueyere or leedhammer swiss or whatever cheese they're sampling, I always give my daughter a piece and she always manages to finish it and look for seconds.

Both my wife and daughter also like the Mac and cheese. I've been making some from scratch, and for some variety, I thought I'd go beyond the normal Cheddar/Jack combination and experiment a little with some variations.

Are there any rules that people use when deciding what cheeses to pick? Soft/semi-soft/hard proportions? Are there ones to avoid? Aside from the classic Italian combinations (mozzerella/parmesian/provolone/asiago and variations therein), does anyone have any uncommon combinations they've found work?

Two caveats. One, don't mention anything with jalepenos or any other spicy cheese (not a favorite). Two, no $145/oz Venzuelan Beaver cheese. Something on the accessible side that I can find at Whole Foods or gourmet-type foodstore with an above average cheese department.

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